Urgent Care Radiology Technology


Our OnePacs Technology has the ability to electronically deliver results and images to referring physicians and patients with a single keystroke.


Our Urgent Care Radiology Technology makes exams and reports available to referring physicians on any computer or portable electronic device connected to the internet. No need to download or install software to view the digital radiology. It’s compatible with any browser or operating system. Users are able to scroll quickly through radiology readings and there’s full functionality for all commonly used tools. Even large MR and CT exams can be fully retrieved for viewing in less than 1 minute using average cable modem speed.

Providers may also download and install a small software application to their home or office computer. The program operates in the background and continuously polls the “cloud” server for any completed exam that the physician has ordered. The exams are then automatically downloaded and stored on the computer to allow instant viewing and archiving.

Our PACS platform is a fully HIPAA and standards-compliant, secure, redundant technological infrastructure to ensure service of the utmost reliability. This system is installed and maintained free of charge.


Radiology Technology
Mobile Radiology

OnePacs provides the following features:

  • Permanent Disaster Recovery HIPAA compliant archive of all exam data
  • Co-location of redundant high speed servers
  • Unlimited  and Secure Referring Physician portal for fast review of exam images and reports
  • Data analysis for business operations, referral patterns, productivity and turnaround time
  • Critical findings report analysis and critical values reporting
  • Automatic fax or email notifications and report delivery
  • Ability to accept migrated study data/exams from Insight PACS
  • Proprietary local Gateway data compression and local storage options
  • Report archive and distribution. Digitized/scanned medical record archive
  • HL7 interface


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