Frequently Asked Questions

What is the correct website or URL to reach the OnePacs website?
Please ensure that you update your desktop shortcut, and/or bookmark with the following URL:
What do I do if my account credentials are not working or I forgot my password to OnePacs?

Please contact our Solutions Center at 888-819-0808.

How are my exams sent to OnePacs?
Exams are sent securely over the internet through OnePacs Gateway. We highly suggest that you are aware of the physical location of the PC containing the OnePacs Gateway software.
I sent an exam to OnePacs, why can’t I see it on my OnePacs Worklist?

Exams sent securely over the internet may take some time to reach the OnePacs website. Occasionally, network bandwidth (internet speeds) may be the result of the delays you may have been experiencing for the exams to load onto OnePacs. Please be patient for the exams to import and appear on your OnePacs Worklist. We suggest at least a 15-20 minute window from the time you sent the exam to be a good measurement to use before requesting further assistance.

If you have an internal IT department available, please have their contact information readily available. In most cases, we can work with your IT department to troubleshoot challenging tech issues and try to resolve them swiftly.

What is the OnePacs Gateway?
The OnePacs Gateway is software installed on a PC on your local network that receives DICOM images from an imaging device or archive, then compresses and securely transfers them to OnePacs.
Where is my OnePacs Gateway?

The OnePacs Gateway PC is usually a desktop/laptop/server that is assigned the role of sending your exams to OnePacs securely. To determine if your computer has the OnePacs Gateway software installed, please look for the OnePacs Gateway on your start menu, or search for it on your menu search bar. You may launch the OnePacs Gateway User Interface directly from the search results, by double clicking the shortcut. The alternative method is opening a web browser window to: http://localhost:8080/onepacsgateway

When I send an exam, I get a DICOM error. What do I do?

In most cases, a change in the system state of the OnePacs Gateway PC would temporarily interrupt services. Likely causes include premature PC shutdowns due to power service interruptions. Completely shutting down the OnePacs Gateway PC for approximately two minutes and powering it back on should fully restore services. Once the PC is online for about three minutes, try resending the exam. If you still receive a DICOM error, please contact the Solutions Center at 888-819-0808 and request IT support

Can I burn CDs/DVDs on OnePacs?

Yes. There are two methods for burning studies to CDs or DVDs witht he OnePacs system. These involve (1) burning disks through the Java web viewer, which has a built-in facility for burning CDs, or (2) using the OnePacs in association with additional DICOM software that has the ability to burn DICOM Cds. For more information, click here.

Where can I find the user manual for OnePacs?
The user manual is available online can be found on the OnePacs website. Toreview the user manual, please click here.
How do I request Technical Support from Teleradiology Specialists?

Please contact our Solutions Center Team at 888-819-0808 and ask for Technical Support. A representative from our IT department will reach out to you as soon as possible.

What are the operating hours for the Solutions Center?
8am – 3am EST