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Customer Service at it’s Core

It’s no secret companies that are known for their customer service are also known as some of the best places to work. That is why we can be extra picky when it comes to our prospective employees and are able to put only top-quality candidates...

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Nipple Shadows on Chest X-Rays

Nipple shadows are apparent on approximate 10% of AP/PA views of the chest. Nipple shadows can be seen in patients with different genders and age. When present, they need to be differentiated from more significant intra thoracic pleural or...

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Teleradiology, A Risky Business?

It took years and years of hard work and dedication, long hours and sleepless nights, and the time has finally come.  You’ve got your home office set up, a couple of high resolution monitors, a few licenses and insurance in place.  You’re ready...

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Solution Center Grand Opening

We are excited to announce the Grand Opening of our Solutions Center (formerly known as Help Desk)! As a team, we felt strongly that this department deserved a more appropriate name. At Teleradiology Specialists, we offer the solutions all day every day that our...

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